ITERO WB Transceivers are transparent wireless bridges used where it is not possible to route pass-thru wires between closed sections.  ITERO Wi-CONNECTOR (wireless connectors) reduce internal wiring, eliminate connectors, in multi-section tools (Wi-Cons are for short bridging distances).   ITERO WL Transceivers designed to pass data between multiple tools on a wireline and surface.

Quality Assured Products
For Harsh Environments
For High Temperatures
High Shock & Vibration
Low Power Operation
Minimum 3.5 kbs data
Half-duplex with CRC
Transparent Link
over wireless
Adaptive Wireless Technology

BER <0.5%

Low Power Operation

Built-in redundancy

Transparent Link

No SW required to interface

RS485/RS232/CAN Data I/O Options

Plug-and-Play Ready to use

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        Downhole RF Wireless Telemetry Systems

About the ITERO System

ITERO is an acronym for Inverse Transform Elementary Row Operation, a form of n matrix based algorithm generation for column vectors used for channel encoding in our downhole systems.  It is a robust system that works well for low energy transmission systems where below noise floor communication techniques are employed such as our embedded LMF systems.  Forget OFDM and similar over-complicated systems because they are not feasible for very high temperatures since they require intensive signal processing.  Our below noise floor system is concrete for data links in harsh, noisy environments, and best of all it is simple to implement, and can therefore use basic components that are stable at temperatures up to +300°C.

Wireless Communications

The ITERO wireless communication system can be used for a wide variety of uses in downhole applications. Wireless tool bridges for single or multiple tools using multiple ITERO units, there are no limits of how many can be used in a string.  The main advantage is that they are very low power and small in size, much smaller than any currently existing system, thanks to the ITERO RF Engine system developed by us.

Use to transmit data between a tool and remote in-well equipment such as sensors and valves for example, bidirectional communications at a minimum of 3.5 kbs guaranteed with full bit error control, fully transparent link, no flow controls needed, low power for battery operation.


ITERO system has guaranteed specifications from -55°C to +125°C and our extended range from -55°C to +150°C. Some versions are user configurable over serial port on-the-fly.

Our products are engineered to very high standards with built-in redundancy to support all eventualities as part of our Integrity design policy. 

All our products and services are competitively priced and we offer up to 5 year guarantees on most products.


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