ITERO RF Wireless half-duplex data communications modules for in-well and subsurface applications.

Temperature ranges standard to +125ºC  extended range to +150ºC

Data throughput from 3.5 kbs to 100 kbs

Quality Assured Products
For Harsh Environments
For High Temperatures
High Shock & Vibration
Low Power Operation
Minimum 3.5 kbs data
Half-duplex with CRC
Transparent Link
over wireless

Adaptive Wireless Technology

BER <0.5%

Low Power Operation

Built-in redundancy

Transparent Link

No SW required to interface

RS485/RS232/CAN Data I/O Options

Plug-and-Play Ready to use

Welcome to Integrity Technology Solutions (ITS)

For the last decade ITS has undertaken a series of developments for subsurface in-well communications products. Given the extremely harsh environment in oil wells it was essential to design out-of-the-box and apply design rules very different than would apply for standard industrial products.

ITERO system can be used for a wide variety of uses in downhole applications.  Wireless tool bridges for single or multiple tools using multiple itero units, there are no limits of how many can be used in a string.  

Use to transmit data and controls between a tool and remote in-well equipment such as sensors and valves for example, bidirectional communications at a minimum of 3.5 kbs guaranteed with full bit error control, fully transparent, link no flow controls needed, low power for battery operation.

ITERO system have guaranteed specifications from -55°C to +125°C and our extended range from -55°C to +150°C. 

Our products have built-in redundancy to support all eventualities as part of our Integrity Engineering & design policy, engineered for high standards at competitive prices.   Use our quick enquiry form using the link above or:

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Tel: NL +31 533 020 300  or  UK: +44 1233 969 234 
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