ITERO RF Wireless half-duplex data communications modules for in-well and subsurface applications.

Temperature ranges standard to +125ºC  extended range to +150ºC

Data throughput from 3.5 kbs to 100 kbs

Quality Assured Products
For Harsh Environments
For High Temperatures
High Shock & Vibration
Low Power Operation
Minimum 3.5 kbs data
Half-duplex with CRC
Transparent Link
over wireless

Welcome to Integrity Technology Solutions (ITS)

Unlike conventional wireless systems, in-well communications requires different technology, and a different approach is necessary to overcome the problems.  An extensive in depth knowledge of physics is an essential but knowhow from years of experience in this field of communications is key in engineering the solution.

ITS has spent a decade in developing a this product, years of design and redesign solving a host of technical problems seemingly impossible overcome at the time but we engineered solutions for each one.  

Finally we have reached a point at which we have achieved our goal and developed a wireless system that deserves it place in the list of in-well products, we are cautiously optimistic that  the system we call the ITERO RF wireless data communications modules to fit inside all well tools as a seamless addition to any system.

ITERO system can be used for a number of in-well application with and without wireline for in-well to surface and in-well bridges, for long or short ranges it provides a real time wireless link with data throughput ofrm 3.5 kbs upwards depending upon the application.  To read some more about the system click on the link to 'ITERO Wireless' on the above menu.

ITERO system uses CISSOID components for critical operation that  have guaranteed specifications from -55°C to +225°C and from -55°C to +175°C.  Extreme tests by NASA demonstrated reliable operation from -195°C to +400°C. CISSOID ICs, the Industry?s Most Reliable Semiconductors Expected Lifetime of 15 Years at 175°C  and 5 Years at 225°C. Our products have a 100% built-in redundancy to support all eventualities as part of our Integrity Engineering & design policy for all high temperature products and designs.  High standards, competitive prices. 

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